Our Lavender Mint tea will intoxicate you with our floral and minty fragrance. Stevia leaves provide a natural sweetener. 


Loose Leaf net weight 2.2 oz; makes approximately 60 cups of tea.

Lavender Mint Herbal Tea

  • Tired of adding sugar or honey to sweeten herbal teas? Tired of purchasing herbal teas to find that they are primarily made up of green or black tea leaves?


    Aine’s Herbal Creations creates our own tea mixtures. We use stevia leaves as a natural sweetener, and we do not use green or black tea as a filler. We completed thorough research on each herb to provide the greatest benefits. We make small batches of the tea mixture and test each batch. Not only for each batch to meet our standards but to make sure they are super yummy!


    We are a small family business making our products by hand in small batches. We use the best ingredients to ensure freshness and quality.


    We choose ingredients that are:
    • Eco-friendly
    • Ethically Sourced
    • Made with care in Plano Texas
    • Free of artificial flavors


    Buy 3 herbal teas and receive a free mesh tea strainer! You can get one flavor or mix and match flavors.

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