We created this our 4 oz Whipped Body Butter to battle the dry skin caused by Texas' drastically changing weather. Extreme weather changes causes horrible dry skin that can become painful.


Rub a small amount in your hands to melt completely and the rub into your skin. Create the perfect skin care routine and use regularly with one of our handmade soap and bath products.


Our Cedar Citrus blend will provide a distinctive citrus aroma with a well rounded woody, spicy-resinous and a pungent hint similar to pine. 


Our Eucalyptus blend will invigorate your senses by providing a minty pine like scent with a honey and citrus undertone.


Get lost in your own world with our floral, nectarous, honey like, almost fruity tone of our Honeysuckle blend.


Rejuvenate your tired soul with our soothing Lavender blend.


Our Lavender Lime blend will soothe your aches and pains and the pop of citrus will energize you to tackle even the biggest mountains you face.


Our Lemongrass blend will energize you with the clean and crisp citrus lemony aroma.


Our Patchouli blend is perfect for you, if you like spicy, woodsy and musky aromas.


Transport yourself to a world full of candy canes and wonder with our Peppermint blend.


Our Peppermint Tea blend goes one step further of winter wonderland. Our blend of peppermint and tea tree essential oil will remind you of the winter holidays.


Our Rose blend has a wonderful floral, woody, warm and musky aroma.

Whipped Body Butter

  • We are a small family business that makes all of our products from scratch in small batches to make sure freshness and quality.


    We choose ingredients that are:
    •    Eco-friendly
    •    Ethically Sourced
    •    100% handmade from scratch 
    •    Derived from plants; Vegan
    •    Made with care in Texas
    •    Free of animal cruelty, SLS, PEG, phthalates, artificial fragrances and dye

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